The Story

Drinking a favorite soda, like Pepsi, straight from the can is cool and refreshing. While drinking from a soda can has been enjoyed by soda lovers for years, there’s one thing that would improve popular pull-tab cans – a way to close an opened can! Once a pull-tab has been popped, it’s not possible to close and store the can away for later if a soda isn’t finished in one sitting. You can try to store it upright in a fridge or cooler, but then you’re risking a spill.

The Solution

Jokari/US, Inc. took this challenge to Inventionland Creationeers for a product solution that would fall in line with their Pepsi Heritage and Pepsi Modern collections. After brainstorming and working out product designs and packaging in line with the Jokari and Pepsi brands, Can Caps in both Pepsi Heritage and Modern branding evolved as an ideal solution to closing an open soda can. These innovative caps, available in this 2 pack, fit easily onto any soda can. With a unique grated opening and flip-top lid, there’s no need to worry about spills. Snap on the cap, drink through the grated opening, close the lid and store in a fridge or cooler for later – no spills! A product that can do that? Now, that’s refreshing!

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