The Story

Canned soda is often a go-to beverage option for picnic and party planners. One thing every host can anticipate, however, is that guests may leave open cans laying around, increasing potential for spills. Not to mention, when hosting outdoor events, pesky insects have a tendency to be attracted to open cans of soda.

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers got to work on a solution for this problem as they designed product and packaging for Can Caps, which would become a perfect addition to the Mountain Dew collection of Jokari/US, Inc.’s innovative line of beverage gadgets. Available in a four pack, Can Caps were designed with a unique grated opening to keep pesky insects out, plus a flip-top lid to be able to close cans and prevent spills. Can Caps fit most standard-size soda cans. Snap it on, drink through the grated opening, flip lid down to close and store your refreshing Mountain Dew for later.

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