The Story

Drinking straight from the soda can is a common occurrence at picnics, parties and more. But, with open beverage cans comes the potential for spills and pesky insects crawling into the can. Plus, some party guests just prefer to drink from a straw. Jokari/US, Inc. enlisted the help of Inventionland Creationeers to find a solution for soda-sippers everywhere.

The Solution

The skilled Creationeers at Inventionland got to work on the innovative Can Straw (1 Pack) to be part of Jokari’s collection of Pepsi Heritage and Pepsi Modern beverage gadgets, in packaging consistent with the Jokari and Pepsi brands. Designed to fit most soda cans, this cap and straw gadget is a great example of how even simple designs and innovations can provide solutions to multiple everyday problems – the Can Straw helps prevent spills, keeps insects out and provides canned soda drinkers who prefer to drink from straws with a way to do just that!

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