The Story

Mountain Dew is often a soda of choice at parties and picnics. Whether an event is held indoors or outdoors, there are certain problems that can arise when multiple people have open drink cans around. Spills and pesky insects buzzing around your favorite carbonated beverage are common problems. Also, any party-planner should be prepared for guests who prefer to drink from straws.

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers designed Can Straws (2 Pack) to be part of Jokari’s collection of Mountain Dew beverage gadgets, in packaging consistent with the Jokari and Mountain Dew brands. Designed to fit most soda cans, the cap and straw gadget helps to prevent spills and keep insects out while still enabling a Mountain Dew lover to drink their favorite soda from the can. Packaged in a 2 pack, Can Straws are cost-effective and a great item to include on your party planning checklist.

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