The Story

When it comes to food, everyone from novice at-home cooks to professional chefs enjoy getting creative with their food. But, the innovation doesn’t stop there. To help fuel the fire when it comes to food innovations, one must have innovative cooking and bakeware solutions for the perfect pairing. So, when Love Cooking Company, known for unique bakeware and tools, approached Inventionland looking for a clever way to bring two classic picnic favorites together – burgers and hot dogs – our team of Creationeers were up for the challenge! 

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers designed the Burger Dogs Pan to fall under Love Cooking Company’s line of Chef Tony Healthy Cooking Bakeware. Burger Dogs? That’s right. The Chef Tony Burger Dogs Pan was designed to bring burgers and hot dogs together into one unique dish as it allows one to mold ground sausage, beef, chicken, turkey – or whatever your flavor – into a hot dog shape. That’s more options without buying various kinds of buns because your burgers will fit right into a hot dog bun! Non-stick with a special form to help create the shape, this innovative pan is perfect for your next picnic.

Technical Drawings

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