The Story

Love Cooking Company, known for innovative and unique bakeware and tools, was looking to innovate their product line of Chef Tony Healthy Cooking Bakeware. The line, which has everything from grease-away bacon bakers to burger bowl makers, was missing one particularly delicious piece of bakeware – a shish kabob maker!

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers designed a unique shish kabob pan that elevates kabobs out of their own grease. The two-piece baking rack and pan come together just as well as any skilled or novice chef’s ingredients to create the most delicious, grease-free kabobs yet. After placing ingredients on skewers, skewers lay across the unique baking rack that’s elevated over the baking pan to drain away and capture any grease. The result? No grease, an even cook, and ready-to-serve-and-eat kabobs perfect for any party.

Technical Drawings

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