The Story

Love Cooking Company, known for innovative and unique bakeware and tools, wanted to provide their foodie customers with a better option to cook up a lot of bacon, all at one time. Their original Bacon Baker, also designed at Inventionland, served its purpose with each savory slice, but it was realized that people just want more bacon!

The Solution

In efforts to bring on the bacon, Inventionland Creationeers designed the Mega Bacon Pan to hold and bake 18 slices of even thick-cut bacon at one time. The unique pan is outfitted with a non-stick rack that holds each individual slice of bacon on a diagonal to not only bake it evenly for a perfect crisp, but to drain away the grease in the process! With each slice of bacon elevated out of its own grease, bacon lovers everywhere can enjoy a healthier slice of bacon that’s perfectly cooked.

Technical Drawings

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