The Story

When it comes to coaching players for the big game, a coach needs an area to rally the team around. The usual straight benches work for seating purposes, but aren’t the best arrangement to allow the coach to engage the whole team, leaving some players distracted from the game plan. During his soccer-coaching days, founder and CEO Mr. George Davison recognized this problem, so he invented a solution.

The Solution

By following the same process our Inventionland Creationeers use every day, Mr. D designed the world’s first curved, fold-up bench! The challenge was to design a bench that was easily transportable, yet sturdy and ideal for a group to sit and rally around. The solution was a 6-seat bench that can be easily set up as a straight or curved bench, complete with cargo pockets. It even easily folds and slips into a convenient backpack bag. Use it on the field, at the campfire or on the beach!

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