The Story

Making dinnertime fun and interactive for small children is often a challenge. Most dinnerware is not interactive. What if a cup could really get a child’s attention and encourage them to drink all of their milk or juice?

The Solution

We decided to liven up mealtime with an interactive Slide Show Tumbler, featuring Nickelodeon’s popular “Dora the Explorer” and “Diego” characters. When a child pushes the button near the base of the colorful tumbler, the cup lights up and an animated filmstrip turns, to the delight of the child.


Adding more magic and fun to dinnertime for small children, the Dora the Explorer SlideShow Tumbler is an interactive cup that lights up and shows an animated film strip. So, children are delighted when they push the button near the base of the tumbler and finish their milk or juice at meal time.

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

Technical Drawings

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