The Story

Jokari/US, Inc. was looking to bring innovation and a little southern charm to their line of storage and organization products. Thanks to a license with none other than celebrity Paula Deen, there became opportunity to not only create new products inspired by Deen, but also to innovate current products like the original, Inventionland-designed Hanger Pockets that already existed within Jokari’s product line.

The Solution

The original Hanger Pockets were crafted with a unique dual-sided saddle design that would fit over hangers. With zipper mesh and clear plastic pockets for storing jewelry and other accessories and double loops for holding belts and scarves, Hanger Pockets were ideal for coordinating outfits and organizing them neatly. Inventionland Creationeers repackaged and redesigned the original Hanger Pockets in a toile fabric with patterns inspired by Deen’s life in Savannah, Georgia. This innovation integrated perfectly with Jokari’s Paula Deen Everyday Collection of organizational products.

Sold In