The Story

Pets love to play, often times, all day long. But, how can you keep your pets active and entertained when you’re away at work or when you need to get other things done around the house?

The Solution

We designed the remote-operated Lazer Bot to allow pets to play any time of the day. The battery-operated toy lets dogs or cats chase a laser on four different settings; so, they never get tired of the same patterns. It is conveniently-designed to mount sleekly to the ceiling, where pets cannot knock it over or detect the laser’s source. Pets get to be entertained and play whether you’re home or away.


The Lazer Bot is a ceiling-mounted laser toy that gives pets the freedom to play and exercise, even when their owners are away from home. With four different laser settings, it is easy to keep pets entertained for hours with the battery-and-remote-operated toy.

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

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