The Story

Threading a sewing machine needle can be quite difficult. It is often hard to see the needle well enough in the typically dark area under the machine. Less than steady hands and other problems also can add to the difficulty, frustration and time of threading the needle.

The Solution

We created the Luma Threader to make threading a sewing machine needle a quick and easy task. The lighted threader illuminates the area, making it easy to see the thread and eye of the needle. The spring-loaded fork cradles the needle, and with a push of the handle, the thread goes right through the eye. The somewhat flattened ergonomic handle also prevents the tool from rolling when placed on a surface.


The Luma Threader is a sewing product that adds light to the process of threading a sewing machine needle. It is designed with a spring-loaded fork that cradles the needle; so, with just a push, the thread goes right through the eye. The lighted Luma Threader is also ergonomically designed for maxmimum comfort.

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