The Story

Transporting treats to a get-together can be a hassle and a messy affair, to say the least. A plate or pie pan covered with plastic or foil does not keep the treats neat and protected. They often get smashed or the ingredients end up sticking to the foil, especially in the case of deviled eggs, leaving an unappetizing mess on the plate.

The Solution

We developed the Party Traveler for a client who wanted a neat and convenient way to transport deviled eggs to get-togethers. We designed this versatile food travel caddy to do that and much more. The final product includes a universal base, egg tray, cupcake/muffin tray, pie/cookie/cake tray, veggie/chips tray, and a transparent locking lid. The veggie, pie and cookie trays rotate, and all the trays stack neatly inside the lightweight unit for compact storage! The product also has been marketed exclusively by QVC as the “Party on the Go Food & Dessert Travel Caddy.” It was featured on the shopping network as a “Today’s Special Value” and continues to sell under that name on


The Party Traveler is a versatile travel caddy for foods that range from deviled eggs to cookies and vegetables. It was designed with a universal base, four trays that are easy to rotate and stack, plus a transparent locking lid.

This client has realized a profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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