The Story

With so many delicious toppings available, wouldn’t you love to customize every slice of a pizza? Unfortunately, customizing a pizza by slice is not an easy task, and ordering or making multiple pizzas is not always practical. Frank came to Davison with the idea that one pizza could provide an unlimited array of topping combinations.

The Solution

Former client turned Davison employee, Frank Vescio, devised the ultimate solution to this customization problem — the Perfect Pizza Pan. With this incredible invention, every pizza can be made-to-order by slice. The pan’s unique, segmented design allows users to make completely individual pizza slices. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite toppings on one pizza.


Every pizza lover’s dream, the Perfect Pizza Pan allows users to customize every slice of pizza they make. With a unique, segmented design, the pan conveniently separates each slice, so it is simple to put different toppings on one pizza.

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

Technical Drawings

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