The Story

Pouring a cool glass of Mountain Dew and tasting that first sip is so refreshing. Place the cap back on your two-liter and prepare to enjoy another glass later. Somehow though, that next glass doesn’t always compare to first sips taken from a freshly opened bottle. Is there a way to preserve freshness in any two-liter bottle after opening for that first-sip sensation every time?

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers designed the Mountain Dew Pump Cap, complete with product packaging, to keep the refreshing fizz at its finest in two-liter soda bottles. This innovative product is meant to preserve freshness after opening. By designing the Mountain Dew Pump Cap to fit right onto the two-liter bottle, it replaces the original screw-on cap and re-pressurizes the bottle with a simple pump up and down motion. The Mountain Dew Pump Cap keeps soda fresh for longer.

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