The Story

Our Creationeers know how important it is to have necessary tools ready and available without having to search all over. How often do you need a good pair of scissors at home, but can never find them? When it came to cutting anything around the home, garage or office, Inventionland Creationeers were excited to connect with Angelica! Angelica was selected as the winner of the Steve Harvey Show’s “Pitch to Win” contest by our very own founder and CEO George Davison! Determined to provide an easy solution so you never have to search through messy junk drawers for scissors again, Creationeers got to work to innovate Angelica’s inventive idea.

The Solution

The Quick Cut is a convenient stick-on cutting tool that adheres to all flat surfaces and is ideal for cutting clothing tags, thread, ribbon, fishing line and more. Place the string over the tool and pull down to cut! The tool itself is devised of only four components including a main body that our Creationeers ultrasonically welded to the base, a scissor-cutter blade and a tape adhesive to allow it to stick to any flat surface for convenience and ease-of-use. The scissor-shaped design of the main body clearly communicates the purpose of the tool to the end user. The Quick Cut provides an easy solution to home-users everywhere, while crafted with only minimal tooling making it cost-effective.

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Technical Drawings

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