The Story

Parking an RV completely level to ensure camping comfort and make sure refrigeration fluids are level can be tricky, to say the least. Often, ensuring the recreational vehicle is level is the most time-consuming part of setting up camp. Currently, the only other RV leveling product on the market requires users to take measurements from the inside of an RV.

The Solution

Davison created the RV Leveler, a two-part product that enables users to quickly determine whether their motorhome is level. The two-piece system eliminates all the back-and-forth and guesswork of a standard leveler. The RV Leveler’s base communicates wirelessly via radio frequency with a corresponding handheld device that operates 30+ feet away. The four-light LED display on the remote unit enables the user to see immediately where adjustments are needed; green LEDs show where an RV is level and the red LEDs show where it is not. The product was created specificially for CIPA, an aftermarket vehicle accessories company.


Not your standard, difficult way to level a motorhome, the RV Leveler is a two-piece system that eliminates the need for guesswork when parking an RV. The RV Leveler includes a base that wirelessly communicates with a handheld LED display device via radio frequency. With the four-light system, users can immediately see where adjustments are needed to level an RV.

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

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