The Story

Baking brownies and other treats can be a messy, frustrating task. The brownies often bake unevenly, then crumble and end up different sizes when cutting and lifting them out of a standard pan. A metal pan is also hot to the touch for a long time after removal from the oven.

The Solution

We created the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan for a client who wanted a neater and easier way to bake brownies and other desserts. Unlike metal bakeware, the pan is flexible and remains cool to the touch. The 12 candy-bar shaped molds can be filled with brownie batter, Rice Krispie treats or cookie dough, and each piece comes out perfect. The pan bends for easy removal of items after baking, while the rigid frame molded into the perimeter makes the pan safe to carry. It is also dishwasher safe.


This flexible silicone baking innovation provides a way to make each brownie, cookie or other treat come out perfectly. With 12 candy-bar shaped molds, the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan stays cool to the touch and bends for easy treat removal, but its rigid steel frame makes it safe to carry. Plus, the Silicone Dessert Bar Pan is dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

This client has realized a profit on this product. A typical project does not get a royalty agreement, sell in stores or generate a profit.

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Bed Bath and Beyond
AC Moore