The Story

Every day at our invention factory, Creationeers lend their talents to product design and development, but when Jokari/US, Inc. requested the team’s design skills to develop innovative packaging solutions for their Soda Dispenser, our talented Creationeers were ready to make the Soda Dispenser’s story come to life for Jokari’s Pepsi Heritage and Pepsi Modern beverage gadget collections!

The Solution

Inventionland designers brought the Soda Dispenser’s story to life with a bit of nostalgic Pepsi flair to its packaging for Jokari’s Pepsi Heritage collection and a modern twist to its packaging for the Pepsi Modern collection. With an easy-to-use handle, the Soda Dispenser replaces the cap on a regular 2-liter bottle and is able to dispense soda, while keeping in that fresh Pepsi fizz for weeks. By designing packaging that showcases the product and how it functions in use, Creationeers developed innovative packaging solutions that tell the products’ story with simplicity and aesthetic appeal, while keeping the packaging in line with both Jokari and Pepsi brand standards.

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