The Story

Have you ever hosted a party and opened one too many two-liters of Mountain Dew? You don’t want to waste it, so you put the cap back on and save it for later. Is there a way to keep the second two-liter of soda at its freshest, even though it has already been opened?

The Solution

Inventionland Creationeers designed both the product and packaging for the Soda Pump fizz keeper, branded for Mountain Dew as part of Jokari/US, Inc.’s collection of Mountain Dew beverage gadgets. This innovative product helps to preserve freshness, including that favorable fizz! Designed to fit just right, the Mountain Dew Soda Pump replaces the original bottle cap on your soda. When the pump is squeezed, the bottle is re-pressurized, keeping soda crisp, satisying and refreshing.

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