Spin N Store Parts Carousel

Spin N Store Parts Carousel

The Story

Organizing and storing the various parts and accessories in a work station can be a difficult task, particularly regarding small items like nuts, bolts and screws.

The Solution

Davison’s team of designers created a spinning carousel with five removable bins to conveniently hold nuts, bolts, screws and various other small workshop items. It can be mounted to the underside of a cabinet to take advantage of unused space and keep a work area free of clutter. The product’s design provides easy access to all the bins and ensures they stay secure when rotated.


The Spin N Store Parts Carousel is a convenient way to keep work areas clean by keeping nuts, bolts, screws and other workshop items mounted in five removable bins on the underside of a cabinet. The product’s design allows each bin to be easily accessed when rotated.

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This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.