Trash Can Hanging Hooks

The Story

Jokari/US, Inc. was looking to bring innovation to their collection of kitchen gadgets. In the product development process, it was discussed how many households acquire a surplus of plastic shopping bags. Many reuse these bags for trash and recycling already, so Inventionland Creationeers got to work on an innovative product that would compliment this usage.

The Solution

Trash Can Hanging Hooks were created to integrate within Jokari’s collection of useful kitchen gadgets. Starting with concept sketches, designers came up with an idea for innovative hooks that would easily mount inside a kitchen cabinet or on the wall with screws or adhesive strips to securely hold plastic shopping bags for reuse. Creationeers designed both product and packaging to align with Jokari’s brand and products.

Technical Drawings

Trash Can Hanging Hooks
Trash Can Hanging Hooks in use

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