The Story

While there are many freezeable gel packs on the market to relieve the swelling and pain of injuries, they often do not provide enough cooling therapy and can take a long time to be effective. Ice packs work better, but they are a hassle to fill and can be messy, especially when the ice melts and the bag leaks.

The Solution

TRU-ICE provides complete ice massage therapy in five to seven minutes, one third the time of ice bags. The reusable, leak-proof product offers targeted cold relief wherever needed to reduce swelling and relieve the pain of muscle injuries, as well as sprains, arthritis and tendonitis. The durable unit is easy to hold and is designed to keep ice on an injury, even after the ice starts to melt.


TRU-ICE is a durable ice massage therapy product that can be activated in five to seven minutes. The reusable, leak-proof product can be used to treat muscle sprains, arthritis or tendonitis. It provides cold theraphy even after ice begins to melt.

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

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