The Story

Existing caps that cover the bolts that secure toilets to the floor often lose their snap-fit and become loose or broken. Besides being unsightly, this poses a safety hazard. When the caps become dislodged, toddlers and pets can choke on them. When the bolts are exposed, people can scratch themselves.

The Solution

A husband and wife came to Davison having already received a design patent for their invention idea to solve this problem, but they needed help in professionally preparing and presenting it to a corporation for licensing. Davison then turned to Inventionland for the design work, where they applied their proven inventing method and created the Twister Bolts for the do-it-yourselfer or seasoned contractor in two sizes — 5/16″ and 1/4″. From there, Davison was able to license the product to an industry leader in plumbing, toilet and faucet repair/replacement products. Today this product is selling in home improvement and hardware stores nationwide.


Twister Bolts are innovative toilet bolts and matching caps that are threaded on the inside to securely fit to a toilet’s base, eliminating the dangers that loose caps can pose to pets and small children.

Technical Drawings

Sold In

Home Depot
Ace Hardware