The Story

Changing lanes on the highway can be hazardous, especially when a passing vehicle is in a driver’s blind spot – the driver can not see the other vehicle without turning around. In addition, the passing driver often does not see the turning vehicle’s flashing signal in time to prevent an accident.

The Solution

Davison created the Wireless Turn Signal Mirrors to provide a view of blind spots and enhance turning safety. The two convex mirrors with embedded electronics attach to the side mirrors of a vehicle. As a turn signal is activated, an illuminated arrow flashes on the appropriate mirror – without connecting wires to the vehicle’s electronics. The mirrors, which we developed for CIPA, can be installed easily using the quick connects in a trunk or hatch. Simply stick the spot mirrors on the side mirrors and you’re done!


Wireless Turn Signal Mirrors enhance road safety by making blind spots visible to drivers. The two convex mirrors are easy to install to existing side mirrors and they include embedded electronics, so they do not need to be connected to a vehicle’s electronic system.

This corporate product was invented and licensed by Davison for its own benefit.

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