Early childhood development is fueled by creativity and the urge to ask, “why?” or “how?”. It’s important that adults take time to encourage this type of behavior. Below is a list of creative solutions to spark your child’s ingenuity.

Let Their Imagination Run Wild!

Ask your child, “If you could invent anything in the world, what would it be?” It’s important for children to express themselves at an early age, no matter how out-of-this-world their ideas may seem. Encourage your little ones to sketch out their ideas, or even repurpose household items into a prototype. Reinforce limitless possibilities and push aside any negativity.

Brainstorm Problems

Brainstorming is key to unlocking any ideas that your child may struggle with developing on their own.

Some of the most famous inventions have been created because of basic everyday problems. Have your child list some problems they have experienced or ones they have observed others experiencing. You will be surprised how observant they can be.

Look to Other Inventions for Inspiration

Have your child choose an object and ask them, “what don’t you like about this?” or “how would you make this better?” There’s no limitation when it comes to a child’s creative spirit, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what they come up with

There’s no telling what your child could come up with. There is an inventor in all of us, and by these simple solutions you can begin inspiring your child’s creativity.