This prototype might have us saying Sayonara to 3D glasses!

The first full month of 2015 is quickly coming to a close and we’ve already seen some great innovation in the 3D department!

Thanks to 3D glasses that use red/blue filters and polarized or LED shutter, the 3D effect is pretty simple to create.

3D glasses- free screen

Above is a picture from that shows how this 3D technology will work.

However, creating 3D pictures without viewers having to wear 3D glasses could be a lot more difficult.

That was the case until a group of Austrian scientists, working at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna) along with TriLit Technologies, banded together to invent a prototype for a new kind of display that sends beams of light directly to viewers’ eyes by way of a laser and mirror system.

“Trixel” is what the group calls every 3D pixel that’s used. The Trixel is used in the prototype system, which is made up of lasers and a movable mirror that helps send light beams to different locations.

This process, as the scientists claim, is what produces the angular resolution that’s so fine that the left eye is presented a different picture than the right eye. This is what creates the 3D effect without 3D glasses.

The current large-scale 3D-projection systems only have two different pictures that are projected, one for each eye; whereas, this new system would project hundreds of pictures at once.

The group believes that, in time, footage will be created specifically for their displays.

Compared to traditional movie screens, this new prototype displays such a vivid picture that it can easily be seen outdoors, too. This clear display lends itself to the possibility of being used for 3D electronic billboards that could show different ads at the same time.

But as with any invention, the group is currently working on their second prototype that will display color pictures at a higher resolution.

This entire process has taken the group three years to complete and the system’s technology has been patented.

The researchers are hoping for a commercial launch in 2016!

As of right now, this is one giant step in saying goodbye to 3D glasses for good.

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