We are always happy to welcome the innovators of tomorrow to Inventionland to help encourage and inspire them to reach their dreams. But, when a group of high school seniors from founder and CEO Mr. Davison’s alma mater visited recently, our own excitement reached new levels.

The Kiski School students visited our creative design facility to kick off a new class that they’ve enrolled in… the Inventionland Institute. As you can tell by the name, we’ve got a personally-vested interest in their classroom success!

Now that students are enrolled, their first assignment was to check out Inventionland and learn about the inventing process.

While at Inventionland, the students listened to a booster talk that followed their tour to get them on the right track for the Inventionland Institute.

The Kiski School is piloting the Inventionland Institute with 11 seniors currently enrolled. As part of the course, students are registered into a class portal that we’ve created. There, they’re able to review and upload information, complete assignments and submit work for grading. Their instructors are able to add notes and grade students based on the work that they submit.

The students’ progress is recorded through paperwork that includes identifying a problem and coming up with a solution. The students will follow our 9-step inventing process to actually build a product sample. They’ll also follow Mr. Davison’s ABCs of storytelling to create an infomercial for their new product. Finally, they’ll pitch their product to a panel of judges at Inventionland!

Inventionland Institute

The Kiski School students enrolled in the Inventionland Institute shared our enthusiasm when they recently tweeted after their tour… “Now it’s our turn to invent!”

We’ll keep you posted on The Kiski School students’ progress with the Inventionland Institute. We’ve also got even bigger news about an area college that’s planning to adopt the Inventionland Institute curriculum for their spring or summer semester! Stay tuned!

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