Could you image The Legend of Atlantis and Stonehenge in 3D-printed form? If not, keep reading to learn more about these 3D-printed replicas!

This isn’t contractor and 3D-printing enthusiast Andrey Rudenko’s first rodeo. In fact, in 2014, he created a castle that was made from his 3D-printing technology!

He has also been working on a 3D printer that’s capable of printing buildings on the moon with nothing but moon dust in order to house future astronauts.

But, aside from those monumental achievements, he even has plans to 3D print an entire village so that architects and engineers can learn about large-scale 3D printing.

Well, today, we really want to focus on Rudenko’s plans for 3D-printed replicas of ancient relics like the Legend of Atlantis and Stonehenge!

Let’s start with The Legend of Atlantis. In case you aren’t familiar, this mysterious piece of history is all about a city lost in the depths of the sea.

It’s this idea that truly fascinated Rudenko so much that he now wants to create a 3D-printed replica of the lost underwater artifacts. This would include full-sized buildings, arches and other large objects that might have never been considered to be 3D printable, due to a lack of pictures of the actual artifacts.

Thanks to Rudenko’s 3D printer that’s now capable of printing using geopolymer concrete, which is a mixture of lime and volcanic ash, he can now match the colors and textures of the 3D-printed replicas.

3D Printed Replicas- Stonehenge

That’s not the only 3D-printed replica that Rudenko is working on. In fact, he’s working on replicating other landmarks, like a full-size model of Stonehenge.

His plans are to be able to move this 3D-printed replica around the world to different locations. His first thoughts were at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum since its location is prime real estate for displaying not only art, but also architectural projects as well.

But, along with his big plans for these 3D-printed replicas comes an even bigger price tag, not to mention getting museums, larger companies and designers to help Rudenko.

So, as the wheels are in motion for this 3D-printed project, only time will tell if these 3D-printed replicas will actually become full-size realities!

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