The inventor of the Chilly Mat recently made a chilly trip to Inventionland!

Just a couple weeks ago, Inventionland had the pleasure of opening its doors to another successful inventor, when Chilly Mat mastermind Diana Edington brought her friend, Bobby, on a tour of the creative design facility where Diana’s idea came to life.

Our client, who is from Atlanta, came up with the Chilly Mat, a lightweight and portable gel-filled mat that provides pets with a soft, cool spot to rest. Interestingly enough, Diana didn’t invent the product to solve her own pet’s problem. Instead, it was for her friend Bobby’s dog, Ripley.

Since Diana and Bobby are from Atlanta where the weather is oh-so-much warmer than in Pittsburgh, Ripley was always looking for a cool spot to chill.

Speaking of chilly… let’s get back to Diana’s tour.

She said that when she and Bobby left Georgia, they also left 50 degree weather; once they landed in Pittsburgh, they were greeted by five inches of snow and temperatures that barely rose into the double digits! The pair quickly were whisked away and got a scenic (and warm) drive-by tour of Pittsburgh on their way to Inventionland.

Chilly Mat Inventor

Once Diana and Bobby arrived at Inventionland, their wonder and amazement began to grow as they witnessed total teamwork around our creative design facility. They met with founder and CEO Mr. Davison and got to personally meet the entire design team that worked to make Diana’s Chilly Mat a reality.

Chilly Mat Inventor and Mr. Davison

Diana was incredibly impressed by the way her product’s packaging has changed throughout the years.

Although it may sound like her visit was all play and no work, Diana also got down to business at Inventionland as she will be starring in the next installment of our Dare to Invent series!

Stay tuned for updates and the next Dare to Invent webisode!

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