The practice of yoga is all about the balance of mind, body and spirit. Though you might have the balance between mind and spirit, some people need a little practice in the balance of the body and thanks to the prototype device known as the SmartMat, this might be easier than you’d think.

But, before you can work with your “personal instructor,” otherwise known as the SmartMat, you will have to take your measurements, such as your arm span; so, this innovative technology can accurately offer you sound tips and advice to maximize your session.

Throughout the duration of your workout, the SmartMat corrects your poses by offering suggestions to help align your body. Additionally, if you are using the SmartMat in a public class, it will give you feedback with visual clues, so it doesn’t distract others around you. But, if you practice yoga on your own time, there is an audio option.

Though the SmartMat seems to be hypocritical in the sense that it uses distracting technology that is usually tucked away during yoga sessions, this new prototype can be a great option for those who do not live close to a studio but still want to practice yoga.

The SmartMat utilizes iOS or Android via Bluetooth, which helps the user adjust their program based on their various skill level and goals.

So, what makes this yoga mat so smart? For starters, piezoresistive pressure sensors are embedded in the yoga mat, which are inserted between the top and bottom layers that are made of PVC. Furthermore, a user can tailor their posture alignment through the mat’s calibration process.

Though it looks like your typical yoga mat, as we mentioned before, the SmartMat works in conjunction with an app that is currently being designed and will soon provide users with a real-time heat map that tracks the user’s practice and helps to adjust their bodies for maximum balance.

The SmartMat is able to recognize 62 postures and the app will rate the person’s posture based on pose, balance and alignment. The app will also quantify your results and at the end of your session, you’ll receive an overall rating.

Despite the fact that this new invention is a long way away from hitting the market, this crowdfunding project looks promising for yoga lovers everywhere!

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