Bazis… they’re a Canadian architectural firm that is known for erecting eye-catching condominium buildings across the Toronto city-scape.

In their own words, by “combining visionary architecture, design, marketing and construction with the epitome of corporate integrity and environmental responsibility, Bazis has become a major force in articulating the city’s ever evolving skyline.”

Bazis 1

A quick glance at the Bazis website reveals obvious innovation, but what does an architectural firm have to do with an invention company, you ask?

Recently, on their company blog, Bazis recognized “Amazing Work Spaces from Around the World.” Any idea where this story is going?

Companies like Google and Hootsuite made the list, but according to Bazis, they“saved the best for last” when they featured none other than our very own design facility, Inventionland!

Bazis 2

“With a name like Inventionland, you should expect the office to be something extraordinary. And it is – the office where dreams come true looks like it’s straight out of a storybook,” said Bazis bloggers.

With a vibrant photo of the Pirate Ship Discovery and a vivid description of the Nursery Nook, Bazis bloggers encourage readers to take their own virtual tour, because frankly “our descriptions don’t do it any justice!”

If you’d like to see how Inventionland stacked up against the other incredible offices that Bazis recognized, read their “Amazing Work Spaces from Around the World” blog.

Thanks for the creative shout-out, Bazis! We think your work looks pretty innovative, too!

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