CanTEEN Career Exploration is an innovative resource that helps inspire girls to see themselves in STEM careers through gaming and online activities. Keep reading to learn more.

As part of a project from the Carnegie Science Center’s Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Development, CanTEEN will be making their way to Inventionland on Thursday, October 15.

Through their “Tour Your Future” tours that are presented by Valspar, middle school and high school girls ages 11 – 17 are given the opportunity to discover and explore their love for science, technology, engineering or math and to learn more about the available options that they can pursue in these specific areas.

We’ve put together a great group of women that work tirelessly here at Inventionland to help turn dreams into realities and when the CanTEEN group arrives at Inventionland, these innovative women will continue to inspire!

 CanTEEN Inventionland Group

Shannon (front-left), Sarah (front-center), Tess (back-left), Sharon (back-center) and Kyp (right).

Prototype builder, Sarah, an Inventionland tour ambassador said, “I always liked math and science growing up, so it’s nice to meet girls who are interested in those subjects. I think it’s important for them to see the wide variety of career choices and Inventionland is perfect for that! We have a lot of talented women working here and our group of ambassadors is only a small sample of that. It will be great to meet with this group of girls and learn more about their goals and interests! Hopefully we will show them that a career using math and technology doesn’t equal a boring job!”

CanTeen describes our invention factory as a place where this ambitious group of girls can pique their creativity by “meeting and talking with women on the design teams who work in this absolutely unique facility!”

Sharon, a prototype builder at Inventionland, offered her thoughts on this amazing initiative. “It’s always nice to feel that sharing what you’ve learned might be heard by the next generation and built upon. Being a part of this is getting that opportunity. The stronger and more confident we can make the next generation of girls feel to pursue whatever interest they might have, the better.  Imagine all of the things the world would be lacking if not one girl believed she could!”

Stay tuned for more updates on CanTEEN’s visit to our very own invention factory!

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