We’ve finally picked our jaws up from off of the floor after watching Wednesday’s mouth-watering QVC segment that featured the Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan!

In case you hadn’t heard, the Mrs. Fields Bake N Stuff that we designed right here at Inventionland for the Love Cooking Company  was repackaged as the Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan and was featured on QVC Wednesday afternoon.

Piñata Nonstick Cupcake PanNot only is it exciting to see our product on national TV, it’s even more exciting to know that every customer who purchased one will receive their Piñata Cupcake Pan in packaging that we designed specifically for QVC!

This was the Piñata Cupcake Pan’s first QVC outing, and it was the lead-off hitter for the first segment of “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn.”

The Piñata Cupcake Pan was featured at the top of the show and host Carolyn Gracie exclaimed, “We’re going to have a little piñata party!” And that’s exactly what they did.

Though it’s said that baking is an exact science, when it comes to the Piñata Cupcake Pan, the opportunities for creativity are endless.

Just like a piñata, the centers of the cupcakes made with the Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan are filled with delicious surprises!

In fact, on Wednesday’s segment, Carolyn, the show’s host and QVC kitchen product specialist, Marie Louise Ludwig thought outside of the traditional sweet cupcake and came up with innovative ways to use this product.

Believe it or not, they used the Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan to creatively turn a comfort meal into a handheld feast, just in time for fall. We’re talking about cornbread muffins stuffed with chili!

This is just one recipe that shows how creative you can be when it comes to baking. Thanks to our Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan, you can now fill your cupcakes (sweet or savory) with delicious fillings.

How does a peanut butter cupcake stuffed with a fruit filling sound? Or how about a cornbread cupcake stuffed with jalapenos and cheese for an extra kick?

What we’re trying to say is that the opportunities are endless! All that it takes to turn your baking idea into a reality is a dash of innovation, an ingredient we use every day at Inventionland.

Piñata Nonstick Cupcake Pan

Watch the innovation-stuffed segment, here.

Happy baking!

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