No need to “surf” the web for the latest episode of Inside Inventionland. We’ve got it right here as we catch up with Creationeer and Design Manager Curtis who helps make each day at Inventionland sail smoothly.

Each week, students of all ages walk through the doors of Inventionland to get a peek inside our whimsical invention factory, consisting of running waterfalls and 16 uniquely-themed sets. For many, it’s a truly eye-opening experience. Inspired students often leave with the encouragement that their skills will allow them to one day work in such a creative environment.

While many of our Creationeers have been part of the Inventionland team for over ten years, it’s fun to reflect back on the days when they were just students themselves.

“When I was in high school, I got into engineering. And industrial design, after I learned about what it was, it seemed like it was a real easy fit for me… I was doing a lot of artistic stuff, being able to still use some engineering skills and it just fit perfect,” said Design Manager Curtis who grew up drawing and painting.

Curtis’ skillset would ultimately lead him to Inventionland, which he actually helped to build!

“It’s not like working in your typical office. I think that was kind of the idea…to give us an environment that helps us work better and more efficient and get the job done in the best way we possibly can,” said Curtis.

Get to know the man behind the beard, who just happens to be the captain of one innovative boat, in Curtis’ episode of Inside Inventionland here!

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