In early July, we introduced you to Austin Quillan Carver, an area middle school student who recently had won the “Design Lives Here” competition that we sponsored with WQED-TV. To seal his inventing victory, Carver had found a Better Way for kayakers to stay dry and keep their gear from getting wet when they are out on the water.

“Since the competition, I have been continuing to work on getting the design of the kayak done, so I can finally begin building,” said Carver.

Like so many inventors, Carver admits he has faced a few bumps in the road while creating his idea.

“The tricky part has been trying to make it stay water resistant and keeping the whole thing balanced,” said Carver.

Certainly, science played a major role in Carver’s invention, but he admits that it is not necessarily his favorite subject. The Bethel Park student said that it was a trip to Inventionland that helped him to appreciate science.

“You know, everyone says that science isn’t fun and this trip made me realize that science actually is!” said Carver.

Finally, Carver said his entire inventing experience has helped him to see just how important inventing is.

“I think inventing is really important. It makes life easier and opens the door for millions of possibilities,” said Carver.

What incredible wisdom from one talented middle school student!

Carver’s can-do attitude may just land him on late-night TV. He said he is building his prototype in hopes of showing it off to “The Tonight Show’s” Jimmy Fallon.

We had better set our DVR now, because it is obvious that Carver’s talent and attitude will take him far!

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