I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Summertime is the perfect time to indulge in a frozen delight in order to cool off from the warm temperatures, not to mention to satisfy a sweet tooth. But, unless you get Neapolitan ice cream, odds are, the colors of this refreshingly, sweet treat are usually on the bland side.

That is until Manuel Linares, a former physicist turned cook, invented an alternative for the classic summertime treat. Through his invention, when a person takes a lick of their treat, it changes colors.

The additive known as Xamaleón, which is Spanish for “chameleon,” changes from periwinkle to pink once it touches the tongue. So, how does this curious invention work?

This ice cream, in particular, is made with natural ingredients like almonds, vanilla, bananas and strawberries. Linares then sprays the ice cream with what he calls the “love elixir,” to accelerate the reaction.

Color Changing Ice Cream 2

The trick of this treat relies on both reactions to acids in the human mouth and changes in temperature. But, that’s all the public will ever know about it, because Linares isn’t giving up any more details about his secret until he secures a patent for his invention. As of late, his patent is pending.

Earlier this year, Linares opened his own ice cream shop in Spain and is working on inventing more exotic ice cream flavors in the future.

Only time will tell what other innovative concoctions Linares will invent! But, for now, the world waits to be able to enjoy this color-changing invention!

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