Creationeer Clay not only does an amazing job as Inventionland’s Build Line Manager, but he’s also “that guy.” Read and watch to find out what we mean! 

As Inventionland’s Build Line Manager, Creationeer Clay manages the prototyping department. As Clay likes to explain it, “I break stuff and turn it into other stuff and show other people how to break stuff and turn it into other stuff.”

As we’ve come to learn before, Clay is a talented builder himself, even creating an automaton named “Rusty” out of vehicle parts that now lives at Inventionland.

Friends describe him as “that guy” as he’s not only a builder, but a fixer. According to Clay, he’s “that guy” friends call when you need help from the man with useful skills and a plan, even as it relates to surviving a zombie apocalypse, for all of you fans of the hit AMC television series, The Walking Dead.

Clay kicked off our Inside Inventionland video series and now he’s back with his own feature. Watch and learn a little more about Clay, his zombie apocalypse survival plan, and other “cool stuff behind closed doors” at Inventionland!

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