Meet Creationeer Jenna as we capture a personal, behind-the-scenes look at Jenna and her Inventionland role in this episode of “Inside Inventionland.”

At Inventionland, our talented Creationeers use their skills to make, craft, design and build every day. In this latest episode of Inside Inventionland, Creationeer Jenna reminds us that art is all around us.

“The inner city is just a plethora of artistic possibility,” said Jenna as she spoke of the city of Pittsburgh as one of her favorite places to take her camera and capture photography.

Apparently, an eye for photography runs in the family, as Jenna’s grandfather had sparked her interest when he left her all of his video and photography equipment.

“I like photography because it makes people see things in a different way.”

Just outside of Jenna’s favorite photography spots in the city stands our 61,000 square foot creative space, where Jenna, an Inventionland Design Coordinator, gets to bring her photography passion and talent to work, on top of other duties making sure all design projects go off in a smooth and organized manner.

“I wouldn’t be so good at doing photography here if I didn’t do photography out of here,” she said.

As is true when it comes to photography, there’s often more than meets the eye! Watch for a better glimpse into Jenna’s personal and professional world here:

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