Join us as Creationeer Jon takes us through ideation, sketching, concept model and build of a new fixture within our 61,000 square foot creative space! 

Every day, our talented group of Creationeers is inspired and encouraged to dare to invent. Inventionland’s 61,000 square foot facility is not only filled with talented people, but also the amazing things each and every one of them make.

As any maker may attest to, there’s a sense of pride that comes out of creating something new. In a video as part of our Inside Inventionland web series, Creationeer Jon talked about his unique role in building many of the special projects that ultimately become part of our creative space.

Well, Jon was recently at it again with a newly completed project that really helps set the scene at Inventionland. Once he got word from founder and CEO Mr. George Davison, all Jon could say was, “ACTION!”

“Mr. Davison wanted a marquee above the entrance to the theater, so he asked me to come up with some ideas,” said Jon who brought the marquee sign project through the key stages of development.

Ideation Sketches

fullsizerender-78  fullsizerender-79

Sketching ideas is a helpful way to brainstorm. Getting your ideas to flow freely onto paper is a skill in itself, which Jon utilized to figure out the design and dimensions of the new marquee sign before moving forward.

Concept Model

Concept Model“I know when [Mr. D] wants me to go further with one of his ideas, he wants me to make it into a concept model,” said Jon who mentioned that nothing beats a concept model when it comes to enabling others, and even yourself, to see exactly how a concept will or sometimes will not work.

“It was a challenge to figure out how to make this into a real sign,” said Jon. “It was way harder creating the sign than the concept model because cardboard (used in the concept model creation) is really easy to bend and put together. I just had to rethink how I was going to make this concept and use different materials that would work for a permanent fixture,” said Jon who feels that overcoming the challenges of a project can be frustrating, but fun!

Completed Project

fullsizerender-76 fullsizerender-77







“Once you get it figured out and get past all the stress, it’s super rewarding to see it done and Mr. D was very happy about it, so that’s the ultimate reward right there! That and the fact that it gets to be part of the set,” said Jon.

“That’s my favorite thing about this job. It’s awesome that I get to do stuff that becomes a permanent part of the Inventionland set. When they bring people in on the tours, all of those people get to see my work,” said Jon.

Did you enjoy this piece of “edutainment”? Go even further and schedule your group for an Inventionland tour today to see Jon’s new marquee sign and more!

Mr. D and Jon by marquee sign

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