Creationeers offer tips for keeping inspired day after day, project after project so you can allow yourself to be your most creative! Read on.

Each and every day, talented Creationeers arrive bright and early to our 61,000 square foot creative facility to do exactly that – get creative! From prototyping, to metalworking, to woodworking, industrial and graphic design and more, each Creationeer is prepared to put their skills to work.

As to be expected, however, even the most creative minds experience burnout. So, how do these Creationeers do it day after day? Here are just a few tips for staying creatively inspired.

Immerse yourself in a creative environment.

Visitors are often amazed and awe-inspired by the whimsical environment at Inventionland. From Pirate Ship Discovery to Inventalot Castle and more, the uniquely designed sets within our space have brought Inventionland to the forefront as one of the most creative office spaces in the world.

It’s important to note, however, that the unique environment here is not just for show. According to a dedication plaque you can find on our treehouse, “Inventionland is a gift that is designed to encourage your creative spirit so you can lead us into the next area of discovery.”

Inventionland is designed to spark innovation and creativity for each and every person that comes to work in our space. While most companies don’t have a themed environment quite like Inventionland’s, there are things you can do to immerse yourself in your own creative environment. Outfit your office, cube or desk with items that are uniquely you. What things spark your creativity? Surround yourself with elements that ignite creative thought and keep you motivated.

Let your creative brain recharge.

Have you ever worked on a project and felt your brain just simply isn’t working to move the project further? It’s certainly true that sometimes you just have to put down a project and come back to it once your brain recharges.

“Each week, we brainstorm with our designers and sometimes the brain just gets stuck or doesn’t seem to work properly anymore.  You have to put things on hold and come back to them with fresh thoughts.  Most of the time when you look at something, the second time around it is easier to figure out,” said Creative Director of Design Curtis.

Creative Director of Design Tim agrees. “Sometimes, you just have to go home and come back the next day having to redo what you’ve already done,” he said.

Let your creativity bring you a sense of accomplishment.

Founder and CEO Mr. George Davison can attest to the sense of accomplishment that channeling your inner creativity can bring.

“The truth is that both men and women get inspired by the release of the creative imagination within them. When you are creating something, you are usually completely absorbed in doing so, and the process allows us to form ideas into a structure that gives a sense of accomplishment,” said Mr. Davison.

Here’s to keeping creatively inspired!

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