Creationeer Tess is a designer and artist both at work and in her free time. Learn more about her passions inside and outside of our creative space on this episode of Inside Inventionland! 

In a recent blog, we noted that Inventionland is sponsoring “The Ultimate Pitch” contest at the Craft & Hobby Association’s Creativation show in Phoenix, Arizona next week. This contest will award one innovator $10,000 and the chance to develop their invention idea. While the contest has drawn some creative ideas and the large trade show floor may be what they’re calling “the capital of the creative products industry,” we’re quite certain that we have a ton of creativity happening right here at Inventionland daily!

“I love how creative I get to be with my job,” said Graphic Designer Tess in a new episode of Inside Inventionland, our video series that highlights our talented team of Creationeers both personally and professionally.

“I also like that there’s so many different projects you get to work on and so many people have such different ideas. I feel like I’m constantly learning about new things and I just think that’s awesome,” said Tess who works on everything from package design to industrial design, to display, virtual board and presentation creation.

In her Inside Inventionland video, we get to learn all about Tess as she dives right into her love for her job, water activities, watercolor painting and more. Hear it straight from Tess here:

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