In just two weeks, Inventionland founder and CEO Mr. George Davison and a team of Creationeers will be headed to Phoenix, Arizona to attend the Craft & Hobby Association’s Creativation, “the capital of the creative products industry!” Read more.

At Inventionland, we often talk about creativity. After all, our unique invention factory was designed to encourage the creative spirit so we can be lead into the next area of discovery.

Creativity is a large part of what drives our team of skilled Creationeers daily. This drive and motivation leads to new ideas and innovations. In just two weeks, this motivation will also lead our team to Creativation!

Inventionland founder and CEO Mr. George Davison and several Creationeers are set to attend the Craft & Hobby Association’s Creativation, January 19-23rd. The association’s annual trade show is a place where makers can learn, connect and discover new ideas surrounding themes of innovation and craft and hobby products.

As a Creativation sponsor and attendee, set to put down creative roots with a 10’ x 20’ booth (booth #832) on the show floor, we’re excited to join like-minded creators within what the Craft & Hobby Association is calling “the capital of the creative products industry.”

At the show, Mr. Davison and our Creationeers are excited to share the tale of Inventionland. So, what’s the story?

It all began with one idea that failed. Mr. Davison realized many failures in pursuit of his inventing dreams. However, he failed his way forward, creating his greatest invention to date, a 9-step method that has provided a more affordable way to invent – the Davison® Inventing Method.

This inventing method set the stage for the development of Inventionland as America’s largest invention factory. Here, Creationeers use the Davison® Inventing Method every day to help corporations innovate their product lines. Some of those corporations, like Prym/Dritz and Darice, will be at Creativation.


Springing forward from the success that his inventing method fostered and the creative work environment it inspired, Mr. Davison set out to innovate school classrooms through Inventionland’s education division, while offering the same innovation to corporate training labs. He has developed an accredited, comprehensive, cloud-based curriculum and inspirational tools for makerspaces and innovation labs.

This year’s Creativation show brings further opportunity to share this motivation and innovation in extraordinary ways! Alongside major arts and crafts retail chain, Michaels, Inventionland is sponsoring “The Ultimate Pitch” contest that will award one innovator $10,000 and the chance to develop their idea. With the entry period closed and ideas in, we can’t wait to check everything out at Creativation!  Stay tuned!

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