Inventionland Institute has recently stepped into an entirely different realm when it comes to education. With the release of our latest “Creativeland” services, many questions were raised by educators, administrators, parents and even our own team member regarding why we took on a project like in the first place.

What do a treehouse, clouds, and wall graphics have to do with education?

In a world where the way we do things is constantly evolving, new technologies and new ways of doing things are shaping the world of tomorrow. Why not teach students in an environment that they are likely to work in when they are adults?

Google is the perfect example for answering this question. Other than being the largest search engine provider, Google is also well known for its creative work environments, which have been proven to increase productivity, limit stress and boost overall morale.

The environment we created for the students of Haine Elementary takes on a similar role. We wanted to create a totally immersive learning environment that would engage the students like never before. This new type of environment offers students the opportunity to have natural self-exploration and discovery where they can learn by trial and error – on their own terms. These students are now in a sense “earning their learning” by doing the tasks independently or with other classmates; they are channeling their observation and cognitive skills like never before.

This new type of environment is breaking down barriers and getting children actually excited about learning. Teaching has even taken on a new role in this type of environment. Teaching is now more about facilitating the students as they work through problems, rather than directly showing them how to do it and expecting them to absorb that information. Students who were once quiet and reserved are now flourishing and coming out of their shells – asking questions and participating because they are genuinely interested.

So to answer the above question; of course we want to teach our students in a learning environment that is sure to mimic that of one they will be likely to work in. This “Creativeland” type of environment will inspire students to want to work in those Google type companies when they are ready to pursue a career path.

We are always looking for new innovative ways to engage students. Not just with pretty pictures or trees or in this case, but with deep real thinking when it comes to problem-solving, when it comes to creativity, when it comes to innovation; because these are the skills of the 21 Century that our students will need to work in places like Google. This is without a doubt, on the cutting edge of an immersive experience in education.” said, Superintendent of Seneca Valley School District, Dr. Tracy Vitale when she addressed a group of parents and school administrators at the grand opening of Creativeland.

By exposing these students to an immersive educational environment at an early age, we are opening up their eyes to something they have never before experienced that will excite them about technology, learning, and the future.