Our Creativeland environments offer students a new way to become engaged with what they are learning. The fully immersive learning environment caught the eyes of the Butler Eagle, which decided to do a story on the space!

The headline, “It’s much more than just a remodeled library”, does not do the space justice! It really is so much more than just a remodeled library to these students. This is a totally new environment that will engage the students on an entirely different level.

This article relates what some educators had to say about this new type of learning environment. We feel these comments really reflect on what the space is all about!

We hope that as time goes on, more and more people will begin to realize the importance of these 21st-century classrooms. Check out what some educators had to say about the space in the following articles:

You can read the full story here, which first published in the Cranberry Eagle (owned by the Butler Eagle).

The Butler Eagle also published a short video on our Creativeland space which features, even more, teacher testimonials! See for yourself how our new type of classroom environment is impacting the students of Haine Elementary.