Being both an app and a website, Pocket allows you to bookmark articles, keeping them organized for easy reference. Pocket also allows you to add tags, making it even easier to pull up any articles you want to use in your lessons. For example, say you’re on Twitter and you see an article that seems interesting to you, but you do not have time to read it. This app will allow you to save the article in Pocket, so you can go back and read it at your convenience.



This app acts as the perfect task manager for teachers with long to-do lists. 30/30 allows you to color code your tasks and assign different icons to different tasks, arranging them as personal or professional. Simply open the app, assign your timeframe to each item and then your countdown clock will start to remind you when things are due. The app is great for staying focused on tasks that aren’t so exciting, ones you would normally forget about.



Ensuring that your students stay organized is sometimes a challenging task. With Seesaw your students can easily share their work with both teachers and parents. Seesaw allows the student to snap pictures, record their voice while talking about their accomplishments; and then share these projects with their teachers and families.


Paper 53

Are you a teacher who uses a lot of visuals in your lessons? Do you tend to sketch things out during brainstorming activities, faculty meetings or professional development workshops? Paper53 is the perfect tool to keep these notes organized. The iPad app is ideal for note taking and picture drawing. It allows users to create notebooks, helping them organize their thinking in one centralized location.


Google Classroom

If you’re a teacher who utilizes Google Classroom, there are lots of different tools to help you stay organized. The app allows you to add tags to different assignments, making it easy for you to locate resources and assets to share with your students. It also allows you to create activities and templates that you can share with your students.



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