Last week, over 50 educators and administrators from numerous school districts across Pennsylvania journeyed to Inventionland for our ‘Day of Innovation’!

This one-day workshop walked teachers through the new and exciting activities we have incorporated in our education courseware over the past few months!

Splitting off into teams, the teachers spread out across Inventionland to participate in numerous activities including our Pipe-cleaner Challenge, Hot Lava Challenge, and Penny Boat Challenge, just to name a few. These activities were designed to help engage students in fun activities while simultaneously teaching them valuable lessons.

Activities like this revolve around our “edu-tainmen” philosophy. Edu-tainment incorporates education and entertainment to ensure a fun learning experience that will keep a child’s attention, without them getting bored. Often times students will “zone out” and become distracted when they feel they are not in control of the activity, therefore we have come up with ways to keep them engaged and immersed in what they are learning!

“It’s important that our educators understand how these activities will engage and benefit the students,” said our Executive Director of Inventionland Institute, Nathan.

Making sure the teachers fully understand our courseware is a crucial element to ensuring the overall success of the course for students. It’s reasons like this why we hold these workshops in the first place!

Not only does it benefit the student, it also benefits the teacher. We make sure that all of the teachers who teach our courseware are comfortable with the material at hand and answer any questions they may have. These workshops are also forms of edu-tainment for the teachers as well!

Be on the lookout for more ‘Day of Innovation” workshops coming in the future! If you would like to receive updates on when these workshops will take place, sign up for our monthly education newsletter, here.