The Sydney-based start-up, Disrupt Surfing (as pictured above) is riding the wave into another dimension with their invention!

Disrupt Surfing, founded by Gary Elphick and Jason Rogers, is giving customers a Better Way to design their own surf boards online using 3D-printing software.

The inspiration for this invention came from Elphick’s realization that people love to be creative when it comes to their surfboards and snowboards. However, at the time when Disrupt Surfing came to be, the ability to customize boards wasn’t where it should be.

Since then, to break the barrier of mass-produced boards, Disrupt Surfing has given customers the opportunity to design a 3D prototype of their dream board.

Currently, the surfboard isn’t printed using additive 3D technology- rather, the file is used to guide a shaping machine. This process takes about six weeks.

Eventually, Disrupt Surfing is hoping to have 100 percent of each customized board be created using 3D- additive printing, so that the file can be developed on the spot.

As of late, the company, which was launched in late 2014, has made over 1,500 products. In the future, Disrupt Surfing hopes to find a Better Way to make a surfboard that’s both 3D-printable and ecologically friendly.

Here’s a better look at Disrupt Surfing’s printing process:

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