If he’s not managing the design of products he’s busy hitting the waves with his dog! On a daily basis, Creative Director of Design, Tim is hard at work assisting with and designing products which some of you have probably seen on the store shelves. When he’s not busy pursuing his passion, you can find Tim and his dog, Hydro, catching waves and spending time outdoors!

“What inspires me to do what I do every day is knowing that there is always another problem for me to solve” said Tim. There’s certainly no shortage of problems to solve here at Inventionland which is why team members with the ambition like Tim, love what they do here!

Check out Creationeer Tim’s video on this episode of Inside Inventionland!

As you’ve learned from Tim, Inventionland’s unique environment has a lot to offer. “What I like about my job is each day it’s something different, I get to work on all sorts of different projects with different team members, and every day is a new day!” said Tim.

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