Last Friday, Founder and CEO Mr. George Davison, was invited to a local elementary school to speak with the 5th-grade class, nearly 120 students, about innovation and present them with an inventing project!

Mr. Davison spoke with the students about Inventionland, and what it takes to create new products. He walked them through the process of how to identify a problem, find a solution, and the steps to take in order to pursue that solution.

This interactive presentation led to Mr. Davison presenting the class with a project. Over the summer the school is remodeling, and they want the 5th-grade class to come up with a better way of notifying the rest of the school when the nurse is not in her office. Right off the bat, the students couldn’t contain their excitement and ideas!

“I was shocked by how many questions they had!” stated Mr. Davison. The students were very enthusiastic and eager to participate in this presentation. Mr. Davison also brought with him product samples and tech drawings for the Bag Stor, which he passed around so that the students could see how the inventing process works. Many students had suggestions for making the Bag Stor better, including adding sparkles or polka-dots so that it is more appealing.

Overall, the trip to the school was a success in inspiring young innovators! Stay tuned for more news on how the Inventionland Innovation course is soon to be incorporated with the younger grade levels!


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